In the eastern part of Mexico, monuments thousands of years old stand on white-washed beaches with turquoise waters or surrounded by the sounds, smells and dampness of a dense jungle … It is “Mayan Mexico”, with the livelier footprints and descendants of the brightest culture of pre-Colombian America and the signs of colonial times to give a unique flavor to the impressive tourist infrastructure of recent times. Moving to the west, in the center of the country, two and a half kilometers higher than the sea-level, stands the second largest city in the world, built on the ruins of civilizations that no longer exist. Canyons, caves, volcanoes, deserts, rocky and sandy beaches invite you to explore them while the sparkling taste of tequila (and the famous local cuisine), full of its own fire and its own contrasts, awaits you. Let yourself being carried away by the images and sensations offered by the largest country of Central America: Mexico.