Ecuador – Galapagos

Ecuador is a small country in the … “center of the world”, since its name comes from the French “Équateur”! It is located at the intersection between the northern and southern hemispheres (we are talking about the Republic of Ecuador) with picturesque cities full of colonial-style elements. Historic sites, churches and monasteries of the 17th century harmoniously combine with the Shaman and their alternative therapies, while local costumes reveal an interesting cultural diversification. Furthermore, in this beautiful country you can try many different sports activities, such as mountain biking, horseback riding, mountaineering, rafting, kayak and amongst them you will stay in local hostels and you will meet wonderful people, who have to share with you many legends and stories from the past.

Galápagos Islands: The ultimate destination for those who love nature and … may well adhere to the Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is a province of Ecuador, essentially an ecological wonder where one can meet turtles, iguanas, sea lions as well as 130 different species of rare birds and exotic trees. Remember that in these islands the presence of man should be discreet and of limited duration, so be very careful of your ‘footprint’ or the one NOT leaving behind.