A fine line (4,600 km long and just 43 km width) into the world map is the Chilean country, totally in the west! And yet here are dunes, valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests and … fjords! Time is slowly passing by at this distant country, which has been left untouched by all kinds of changes. At the same time, people here come to teach us this very patience and respect to a primitive, hospitable, almost unreal land-image. Enjoy the colors on the fabrics, taste their unique wines, sip maté tea and, of course, if you have the opportunity, visit the Easter island with the notorious Moai statues (millions of people all over the world are over-excited about these statues) and the Rapa Nui National Park, an UNESCO cultural heritage site. The theories surrounding the anthropomorphic giant boulders have managed to turn this tiny island into a world-class attraction. Neruda and  Pinochet’s Chile is a charming country that will bring you closer to every kind of life adventure!