Costa Rica

Bound between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, near the narrowest point of the center-American isthmus, south of Nicaragua and north of Panama, stands  Costa Rica! It is a rich and democratic country, which often appears as the only oasis of political stability in the wider, most prosperous region. Under no army surveillance since 1948 and with the highest educational and living standards throughout Central America, it has fairly earned the sublime “Switzerland of America”. In addition, this tiny country hosts 5% of the planet’s biodiversity and is an ecological treasure. Its ecosystems, whether beaches or volcanic areas, jungles or marshes, host a huge number of wildlife and plants, many of which are protected by various national and international programs. Finally, although it is located in one of the geologically most active regions of the planet and has active volcanoes, Costa Rica has generally avoided the natural disasters that have plagued its neighbors – earthquakes, devastating volcanic eruptions and tropical storms – and has thus kept its nature and its architecture intact. All these make up a shocking country and your trip there will be unforgettable!!